Come to our location!

Different shades of green, with mountains and trees. It is a very involving experience in a fresh weather.

Rio Perlas Resort

Our sided relaxation facility is also a 5-Star Hotel and Spa. You can enjoy hot spring waters directly from the Irazu Volcano and feel part of the costarican jungle.

Hotel and Views

Our private accommodation includes access to our small restaurant with an astounding view of the valley.

Casa de la Luz

Our specially designed temple has Ayahuasca plants growing around it. Includes a balcony and a fireplace. You will enjoy magnificent views of the stars and the fireflies during the night.

Self Journey Alternative

We believe this medicine should be available all over the world. Click on the link for more information.

Full experience includes a trip to Rio Perlas Hot Springs, All-Inclusive Ayahuasca Dieta and Private Accommodation

We have been providing the medicine in this country since 2011, with the help of our center founders and looking to expand to other locations. We are approved by an Amazon authority and hold responsibility for medicine usage. We use the traditional style of Ayahuasca from Shipibo Shamans and would like to integrate this medicine with modern science and arts. Feel free to contact us to schedule your retreat, we are open to private ceremonies as well.

Costa Rica: +(506)8314-0299 - United States: +1(804)296-6703 -

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