Come to our location

Different shades of green, with mountains, trees, and a lovely weather. You will feel as part of nature, it is a very involving experience.

Rio Perlas Resort

Discover a peaceful and secluded part of Costa Rica jungle while enjoying hot spring waters directly from the Irazu volcano. A perfect way to integrate the teachings of the master plant.

Casa de la Luz

Our specially designed temple has Ayahuasca plants growing around it, plus a fireplace right outside with a balcony to overlook the mountains. A perfect combination to enhance spiritual connection.

Know your medicine

Our medicine is made in Peru by Kuyay's parents. It contains Ayahuasca vine, chacruna and chaliponga. We provide this medicine almost all over the world, check out the Self-Journey option.

Ayahuasca Costa Rica Retreat

We have been providing the medicine for over 6 years now in this country and looking to expand to other locations. Our guides are approved by an Amazon authority and they follow the traditional style of Ayahuasca from the Shipibo Shamans. We also like to integrate the use of this medicine with modern science and arts.

Please contact us for booking and interview process as space is limited.

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