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Kuyay, from an Ayahuasca Family of Shamans


Kuyay is the founder of the center and she is from the Amazon of Peru. She is a fourth generation medicine woman.

As a small child, she assisted her Grandfather in many ceremonies. Her teachings are very simple, believing that the true healing comes from the master plants. She views herself as a guide.

Our current guide was taught the Ayahuasca tradition by Kuyay and has been working with the medicine for over 6 years now. He has provided help during ceremonies and is a warm and open person. He likes to focus on the psycho-shamanic aspect of Ayahuasca and also likes to share small talks about his experiences and the effects.

He is always investigating and discovering new ways to adapt the Ayahuasca tradition to our society. Along with other helpers, they may summarize more than 10 years of experience with Ayahuasca. They have been approved by an Amazon Authority to give the medicine and they respect ancient traditions.

Stories about Kuyay’s Grandfather are amazing. She tells that he was such a great shaman, that he could communicate with the plant at higher levels, so mother Ayahuasca could reveal him what other plants the person needs in order to be healed from many diseases. This kind of ceremonies could take place very deep in the jungle, surrounded by thousands of different plants.

Kuyay’s Grandfather was definitively one of a kind and this lineage of shamans are very hard to find.

Our ceremonies are non-ritualistic. Participation is limited to avoid cramped space. Unlike many other Ayahuasca shaman who requires complete silence, Kuyay allows participants to go wherever the medicine takes them, we follow her teachings.

Our medicine is made in Peru by her parents and they use the highest quality of the sacred plants.



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