Know your medicine

 The style of our Ayahuasca ceremonies is representative of Kuyay’s lineage, a native, Peruvian medicine woman who founded our center and has been providing Ayahuasca in Costa Rica since 2011 with the help of many people who wants to preserve ancient traditions.
Her family has been working with Ayahuasca and as healers for generations, including his father, who is a shaman that works with the “Coca Leaf” and teaches his knowledge through beautiful Quechua phrases.
Ama Sua , Ama Llulla, Ama Quella.
We encourage you to be aware of centers where the medicine could be purchased on the internet or any other non-trusted source. Our Ayahuasca is strong and still purely made. Also, have in mind that our context is a healing ceremony specialized in Ayahuasca only.


We do not provide any DMT extract, Rapé, Peyote, Iboga or any other psychedelic/medicine.
The Ayahuasca medicine is made in Peru by Kuyay’s mother and father, with the most authentic recipe and the best plants. Our medicine has been used in more than 4000 people, and we’ve been keeping the recipe for 6 years.
We only use 3 plants in our mixture. Ayahuasca (B. Capi), Chacruna and Chaliponga which is now endangered.


Ayahuasca wants to know new places and meet new people, she wants to heal the world.
She’s finally out of the Amazon, freer than ever, and we need to help her.



  1. Very interesting dies this help with illnesses like cancer any thing like anxiety

  2. yes it does

  3. I am looking for a single ayahuasca experience in Tamarindo for possibly 4 women, 2 for certain between 1-2-18 & 1-5-18. Is this a possibility?

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