Our view is incredible, part of ¨Cordillera de Talamanca¨, with a fresh weather and pure clean air.

For relaxation and entertainment porpuses at the Ayahuasca House, we can offer some gardening activities in our organic farm, book reading (with a good collection), small self-service restaurant, and private rooms. Personal talking with the guides is possible, also integration speeches, translation to English and group meditation with mantras.








We have 7 private rooms with full-size beds and basic equipment, self-laundry service, and our very special “Casa de la Luz”, or temple specially built for ceremonies. It has 2 bathrooms, a fireplace, a gorgeous wood design and no door was needed. We want you to feel part of nature during your experience. We don’t have bug/mosquito problems like in many other places in Costa Rica, so you will not be visited by any species while enjoying your transcendental trip. The temple is fully equipped with yoga mats, small mattresses, pillows, and blankets.


You will enjoy your stay at the Ayahuasca House, we’ve been working on it for many years to give you the best Ayahuasca Experience in a nice and clean location.






Costa Rica (506)8314-0299 (English and Spanish)
United States: 1(804)296-6703


Google Maps & Waze:
Ayahuasca Ceremony House, San Isidro, Cartago.

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