Retreat Daily Routine

Ayahuasca Retreat Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive at our Ayahuasca Center.

Cartago is the second largest city in Costa Rica, located about an hour from San Jose International Airport. Our center is located about ten minutes outside of town. We will pick you up, or meet you so that you can follow us back if you are driving.

The first day is spent getting settled into your room and meeting our staff and other guests. From the moment you arrive all of your basic needs are taken care of.

Day 2 -First Ayahuasca Ceremony

Spend the day relaxing at our facility. You are encouraged to help yourself to breakfast and lunch until 1 PM. You will fast after lunch until after the Ayahuasca ceremony.

Ayahuasca ceremonies generally start in our temple at 8 PM. Effects vary each time you drink but typically last for about four hours. Fruit and suitable snacks will be available outside the temple after midnight.

Day 3 – Trip to Rio Perlas Hot Springs

On the morning after your first Ayahuasca ceremony, you are encouraged to take it easy and reflect on your experience. A healthy breakfast will be available all morning.

We will visit the Resort in the late morning. Lunch will be served at their restaurant, a selection of fresh juices and smoothies are always available.

Dinner for that day will be available at extra cost at the resort. We recommend you to eat as less as possible during the nights, fasting is preferred. At this time we welcome discussion about experiences from the first ayahuasca journey.

Day 4 – Second Ayahuasca ceremony

Breakfast and lunch will be served until 1 PM followed by fasting until after your second Ayahuasca ceremony.

We recommend quiet reflection on the first experience and intention for the second ceremony. You are encouraged to explore the property, meditate, and set your intention for the evening.

The second ayahuasca ceremony will begin at about 8 PM. Based on your first experience Kuyay, our any of our shamans may offer a different Ayahuasca blend for this and following ceremonies.

Day 5 – Trip to Rio Perlas Hotel – 5 Days Retreat Departure

Take the morning to relax and have a nap if you are tired after the second Ayahuasca ceremony. Our staff will plan an activity based on weather and the specific wishes of our guests. Thermal Hot Springs At Rio Perlas are always available, but we are open to exploring other peaceful locations. Lunch will be included at the locations that we visit, and dinner could be purchased in local restaurants, as we said we recommend night fasting.

Day 6 – Third Ayahuasca Ceremony 

Breakfast is served family style at 8:00 AM. We encourage everyone to share their experience from their first three Ayahuasca ceremonies.

We will stay at our facility for this revealing experience, and our staff will encourage you to participate in the group meditation with mantras to relax your senses. Lunch should be eaten before 1:00 PM and the regular night fasting right before the ceremony is the guideline.

Day 7 – Breakfast and Departure for the 7 Days Retreat

Breakfast following your third Ayahuasca ceremony will be served until 11:00 AM. We encourage you to help yourself and regain your strength.

After a leisurely morning, you will be driven back to Cartago.


Days following the retreat

We suggest following the Ayahuasca diet for several days after the retreat. Although the vivid psychedelic effects of Ayahuasca, the journey, last only a few hours, noticeable changes to the clarity of thought, creativity and a general sense of well-being may last for weeks or months.

Continuing the suggested diet will help to enhance and prolong positive change and healing.

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